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Whatís Next In The List After Bridal Gown?

By Abbey G.

Every bride knows that the main bridal accessory is the bridal gown. It is the first thing that the guests notice as the bride walks through the church aisle. After looking at the wedding gown, the guests will natually be curious about the other accessories that highlight the physical features of the bride. This is where the proper selection of bridal hair accessories and crystal jewelry such as hair clips, necklaces and bracelets comes in. Hair accessories are popular because they give a graceful, royal aura to the bride. These accessories are often used to enhance the hairstyle of the bride. One of the most timeless bridal hair accessories is the veil. The veil can be a simple one or it can be enhanced with bun wraps, ornamental combs, or stone-studded tiaras. There is also the classy hat, which can give a very feminine look on the bride. There are those brides who consider veils and hats as stereotyped hair accessories. The best solution for this is adding pearls, colorful stones, or crystals on a twisted hairstyle. Crystal hair clips are invaluable in making twists, wounds, and updos. Not only can the hair clips hold the hair, but it can create a timeless aura for the bride as well. The appropriate colors of crystal hair pins and hair clips are usually silver or gold, depending on the shade of the wedding gown. The advantage of hair clips is that these can also be used in other formal events aside from wedding. The bridal hair accessory that is frequently used is the hair comb. It is because this accessory is the most suitable for most hair types and styles. The most popular designs of the hair comb are flowers and butterflies. An additional wedding accessory are crystal bracelets. This piece of jewelry can be bold, dainty, or subtle, depending on the preference of the bride. The traditional bracelet should naturally match the wedding necklace. A diversified presentation of wedding jewelry is made up of a necklace and a bracelet that are different yet still have some similarities with each other. Crystal bracelets allow the bride to playfully enhance the uniqueness of her wedding attire by adding white pearls or crystals like Swarovski. This makes it an ideal gift for the bride. A personalized bracelet can be used as common accessories for the bridesmaids. Another piece of wedding jewelry that can enhance the look of the bride is a crystal brooch pin. This type of jewelry aids in the pinning of additional fabric to the gown. It can also come handy in case of wardrobe malfunction. In other words, a brooch has a dual purpose. There are crystal-studded brooches that can be used as ornaments for making a wedding brooch bouquet. Crystal jewelry can be vintage or designer. Vintage jewelry can put a classy effect on the appearance of the bride. Designer jewelry has the purpose of making a trendy look for the bride since this kind of jewelry is often inspired by celebrities or famous elites. At, the bride will have an easy task completing her needed wedding accessories ó itís just one click away. Be sure to click on the Bridal category at the top of the page to find all your special accessories for the big day!

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This article was published on Wednesday 01 July, 2015.
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