Choosing the Right Anthony David Evening Bag with Swarovski Crystal

Make Sure It's Authentic Swarovski Crystal

So you have always wanted one of the evening bags that you see Hollywood Stars carrying on the red carpet. Now you have found them. Perhaps you can only afford one purse and you don't know which one to choose. This article will help you decide on the right choice for you. Review the sections below that best describes your potential need for a new evening bag with Swarovski crystals. New Brides should review Anthony Davids bridal recommendations.

Choosing the right crystal evening bag for a particular outfit

If the bag is intended for a particular outfit; you are in need of an "outfit specific bag". In this case select a purse of color that coordinates with the outfit. The days of exactly matching your shoes to your purse are no longer. Modernize your look by simply coordinating the purse with the outfit as opposed to matching exactly.

If you have a red dress and you have found the perfect red shoes to match; buy the shoes. Do not make the mistake of adding a red purse to the outfit. That would be too much of a good thing.

The fashionable look today is to match tone on tone. Your outfit will dazzle if no single item stands out on its own. With that said, your handbag (especially as a crystal accessory ) will always stand out above all else. It is human nature to quickly review, inspect and analyze what someone carries in their hand. Thus, the perfect handbag is essential.

Put the red dress with those perfectly matching red shoe. Then choose a complementing bag such as the Anthony David Handbag with Swarovski Crystal - Florina Black. This bag is a black metal bag with a colorful mix of flowers. The flowers have a small amount of red which will tie into your dress and shoes. The black metal will allow you to use this bag with gold or silver accessories. It will also mix other coordinating colors so that the complete outfit is fashionably coordinated rather than simply "matched".

Choosing a staple crystal handbag for your wardrobe

If you prefer a bag that you can wear with almost any attire; you want to purchase an evening bag of neutral color. The Anthony David collection provides solutions for every need. Any of our handbags with silver crystals can be worn with an array of colors and tones. This is the cornerstone of all neutral evening bag tones. Silver will match almost any attire while providing a flare of sparkle.

As with the silver crystals, a handbag with black crystals always makes a quality investment. Black matches almost any attire. These crystal bags uniquely shine compared to the bright sparkle produced by those with silver stones.

If you tend to wear more gold or autumn tones, you will want to choose an evening bag with gold crystals. These bags are topaz tone and neutral in color. They will stunningly match a never ending array of outfits comprised of earth tone colors.

If you prefer something more subtle. Then you will want to consider the rare handbags with pewter crystals. These bags have a gray tone without the brightness of the silver crystals. They are stunning bags with a lot of shine. Best of all, they will match the greatest number of outfits. These bags are a great choice if you are undecided between silver and black crystals.

If you like to wear gold tones and silver tones, then you will likely love our Classica Silver Gold or Lacey Silver Gold. Both of these purses are considered "neutral" and can be worn with gold and/or silver jewelry. This is a very good way to get the most from your purchase. They can be worn with any outfit and jewelry tone.

Choosing a dazzling unique crystal clutch purse that will get you noticed

Crystal evening bags have been around for many years, and are by no means a passing trend as every Lady must have a classy, elegant evening bag for special occasions. Make an Anthony David evening bag part of a great crystal gift assortment!

If you like to be noticed, the Anthony David collection carries an array of bags that are sure to be conversational pieces. We truly enjoy carrying these ultimate attention getters. We have a style to match every outfit. Here are a few examples: Butterflies, Camouflage, Enchanted, Floral Vase, Florina, Flower Blossom, Gold Fish, Kaleidoscope. Magical, Marina Gold, Peanut.

All Anthony David evening bags and crystal gifts are made of the highest quality materials and the finest Swarovski crystals. They are timeless and classic. Crystal evening purses have been around for many years and are by no means a passing trend. Ladies will always need a classy elegant evening bag for special occasions. A bag from the Anthony David collection is the perfect choice to add to your wardrobe collection whether you are shopping for trendy purses or unique Swarovski crystal gifts.