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Loyalty Club Christmas Update
If you are having trouble viewing the content of this document, click here to view online. Friday, December 19, 2014 Sale - Save an Additional 10% Holiday Gifts The final Holiday Sale! of the year is on now at! Act now to take and additional 10% OFF of alread...more
Crystal Clutches - Choosing One To Complete Your Look
Crystal clutches have a way of pulling off a look that you just can’t achieve with a typical clutch, or even handbags. The fact is that there are times when you need something that really pulls in people and makes you stand out of a crowd. Having crystal clutches is one thing of making sure this ...more
Shop for Crystal Handbags for a Crystal Impact
When it comes to making a statement, there’s really nothing more eye catching than crystal handbags. Now, you might think that handbags like these are expensive, but that’s far from the truth! Crystal clutches are actually well within your affordable range with some of them costing as little as $85....more
Crystal Hair Accessories and All Things Trendy!
Crystal hair accessories are getting a swift comeback – and why wouldn’t they? Managing to draw attention to a girl’s crowning glory, these hair accessories manage to provide style and function during evening engagements. However, it’s not just the crystal accessories for the hair that are gettin...more
Complete Your Prom Look With Stylish Crystal Accessories
You know that you look drop-dead gorgeous in that new dress and those killer heels. However, you feel that your look seems to be lacking something, and you're right. You need a statement piece or two, so why not opt for crystal accessories? Crystal accessories are simple yet eye-catching, and th...more
The Anthony David Collection Completes Your Style
You've seen crystal purses being toted by Hollywood stars on the red carpet, on supermodels during Fashion Week, and on actresses in your favorite TV shows. Assuming that each small piece may cost thousands of dollars or more, you may have thought with dismay that you will never have your very own c...more
Why Should You Get A Beach Bag For Summer?
It's that time of the year again and Summer is almost here! You know what that means? Vacation! When hearing the words 'vacations' and 'summer', the first thing that would pop in your mind is beach! What better way to get yourself to enjoy the heat of summer than to take a dip in nice and warm water...more
Why Should You Purchase Crystal Flip Flops Instead Of A Regular
Another summer must-have is flip flop sandals! Not just summer, you can use it for spring and autumn too! Flip flop sandals can be used almost anywhere. If your feet hurt from wearing high heels, it would make sense to wear simple flip flop sandals. If you're just at home, then wearing the simple...more
Crystal Accessories: The Perfect Finishing Touch To Any Outfit
Need something to add that extra elegance that your outfit needs? Want to have a splash of color and a splash of sparkle to complete your look? Wanting to try something different with your look? Well, is the answer to your wishes. It offers a wide variety of costume jewelry — fro...more
The Perfect Gift For That Special Lady
Looking for the perfect gift for that special lady in your life — be it for her birthday, wedding day, her graduation, holiday, or any other occasion that requires a present — can be quite difficult. Traveling from store to store, wondering what she would appreciate most can be quite frustrating, es...more
Fashion Staples: Elegant and Classic Crystal Evening Bags
There are several wardrobe essentials that every fashion-savvy woman must have: good-fitting jeans, a boyfriend blazer, an LBD or little black dress, black flats, and a versatile evening bag. Evening bags, or sometimes referred to as clutch bags, are small purses that are meant to be held by the h...more
Top Off Your Outfit With The Right Purse Or Handbag
What is one thing that every woman should have? A handbag! Handbags have become a necessity for women. It is not just a fashion statement. It can complete your whole outfit and lets you carry personal items in style. Handbags are sometimes referred to as purses. They come in a variety of styles, d...more
Choosing the Right Evening Bag
There are those fashionistas who understand that an outfit is not complete without the appropriate bag to match their clothes. And fashion aside, women do not want the hassle of going out of the house without their purse. Purses that particularly engage the attention of women come in forms like ...more
What’s Next In The List After Bridal Gown?
Every bride knows that the main bridal accessory is the bridal gown. It is the first thing that the guests notice as the bride walks through the church aisle. After looking at the wedding gown, the guests will natually be curious about the other accessories that highlight the physical features of th...more
Crystal Binoculars – The Perfect Crystal Gift Accessory
What's more amusing than watching your favorite stories come alive? Whether you are going to an opera, theater or ballet, it will always be a new and amazing experience. Colorful backgrounds, beautiful music, thrilling twists, horrifying plots, mysterious characters, and even cliff hanger endings ar...more